Rapport fra Island

Det er i skrivende stund hysteri på Island om dagen. Eyafjallajökull går bananas og pumper ut lava og aske. Vi reiser jo dit om 7 uker og dersom det går fly den uka så skal nok ting gå i orden :-)Fikk en beroligende rapport nå;As for us up here, we are ok as usual. This is a moderate eruption, yet far bigger than the one it all started with in March. The problem is that it is one of our sub-glacial volcanos and they tend to make the most trouble with their vast ash clouds and monstrous flooding. This has had no affect on our rivers which aremostly far away on the other side of the country. Some volcanic ash is falling in th vicinty of Kirkjubaejarklaustur which is the location of most of the main sea trout rivers, among them Tungulaekur, the best of the lot, the one we have been taking our clients.Biggest trout taken i Aprisl in Minni Minni taken 9. April, 83 cm and estimated around 8 kg!

Rapport fra andre reisende nå i Minni:Now we are back from our trip to Minni for this time and it was an exciting trip. The first two days ended up destroyed by too much wind, but from Wednesday the weather got better and we had some really big midge hatches! The large fish didn’t want any streamers or something like that, but really small flies. We then resolved the problem by making a contraption of three small midge pupas from size 18 to size 20 on a 6X leader and weighted it down so it went down to the bottom. It worked really well and all the biggest fish took the bait. The drawback was that we ended up losing many of the biggest fish because of the small hocks. The flies simply just lost their grip. Still we managed to pull some nice trout to safety. It ended up like this: 1,3kg, 1,4kg 1,5kg, 1,9kg, 2,5kg, 2,5kg, 3kg and 3,2kg. We also caught and lost some fish between 4 and 7kg! We have the fights on tape.


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